Australia doesn’t need state funded media

We have an incredibly wide range of media sources here in Australia, with the variety of choice never greater in the history of our nation.

We live in privileged times thanks to advances in global communications and the explosion of content on the internet.

No longer are Australians isolated from the world or from each other – we are more connected than ever.

There is no market failure in the Australian media landscape, so the question begs to be asked:

Do we really need a public broadcaster, when the free market already supplies us with an over abundance of media? 

The ABC’s annual budget of $1.4 billion could be much better spent, to the betterment of all Australians, not just serving a small audience of inner city types.

Distorting & skewing the national debate

Investigative journalism has always played an integral part in shaping any nations political landscape.

Memories of Watergate, Deepthroat and the role they played in bringing down a US President still echo down through history.

Since that day, journalists around the world have eagerly attempted to emulate the deeds Woodward and Bernstein.

The ABC’s flagship current affairs program, The 7:30 Report, pursues the fine tradition of investigative journalism here in Australia.

However, their efforts over the past decade have noticeably declined into one-sided hatchet jobs that are often influenced by single issue activists with questionable agendas.

A common thread in nearly every investigation is that Australians are racist and mean, who are invariably cruel to any man, woman, child and beast that crosses our path.

Issues covered by The 7:30 Report have been super charged by the questionable ethics, biased reporting and lax fact checking that are fast becoming hallmarks of the ABC.

Crowding out the market

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We’re not interested in “gotcha moments”…

Pretending to be impartial or selectively editing so as to create a false context is considered extremely unethical in journalism. For an ABC reporter hellbent on framing a conservative politician as the misogynistic redneck overseeing human rights infractions against indigenous minors, such duplicitous behaviour is just a days work.


A case study of institutional bias:
Stacked panels, hostile audiences and ambush politics

Q&A is another ABC flagship program that is used almost exclusively to pursue a Leftist progressive agenda. Stacked panels, hostile audiences and ambush politics are common fodder on Q&A, as often lone conservatives are pitted against several leftists and a host determined to tip the scales in the left’s favour.

Questionable national heroes


Used by Q&A to try and wedge a Govt. Minister on terror related raids, Mullah turned out to be quite the radical, with misogynistic rants to conservative women on Twitter.


Put forth as a humble Aussie Battler by Q&A to browbeat a Govt. Minister, Storrar turned out to be a shady character whose own kids wanted nothing to do with him.


Recently gaining national notoriety for insisting Islam is the “most feminist religion”, Abdel-Magied is not only a regular on Q&A,  but is also on the ABC payroll.

It’s time the silent majority wasn’t so silent any more


It is time to use the same tools that are used against us and take control of the narrative. We need to be willing to firmly voice our opinions in public.

Wear your heart on your sleeve or, in our case, on your chest!​​


We believe that using t-shirts to communicate key messages can help provide visibility and social awareness among the general public of our agenda.

Be loud and proud of your conservative values and ideas.​

You’re not alone in thinking that the ABC is out of control, in fact there are thousands, if not millions of us, but we need to start working together.

A grassroots movement is forming as people start to speak up

The time to push back is now

Wear your heart on your chest and let your voice be heard​​

Start wearing your heart on your chest