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If you can't govern yourselves, then you can't govern the country

If this is what his own team say about him what does it say about them now that they elected him leader of the ALP again? Are they hypocrites or just shameless carpetbaggers protecting their cushy sinecures?

How can Australian's have such a short memory to have forgotten that Rudd was a dismal failure the first time around?

Is it our diet of Big Brother and Masterchef that has rotted our collective brains? Flooded by a diet of vacuous narcissists vying to be popular for popular's sake we have forgotten to question actual performance and efficacy.

Is it a left leaning media's obsession with the banal utterings on Twitter that has masked the feelings of the silent majority with the faux outrage of the Perpetually Offended and Outraged (POOs)?

We have been hoodwinked into thinking that a 30 second trend by 1% of people on a platform that has less than 10% of the population participating is indicative of how the wider community feels.

Wake up Australia, our future is calling.

World's highest carbon prices just got higher

The money shot is the collective smiles on the faces of Kev Jong Il and The Real Julia as the walked out of Parliament after securing the vote to legislate that what they promised would never be.

How many businesses have closed since the implementation of Labor and the Greens carbon tax?

How many people have lost their jobs?

How much has our power bills gone up?

Rudd's record

Finally, after several weeks of Kev Jong Il poncing around the country, the Liberals have launched their Rudd Offensive.

Part one of a series of TV adverts that begins today illustrates quite clearly that Dear Leader is the prime architect of the majority of Labor's ill fated policies, policies that have brought us nothing but pain, now and into the future.

He's not the messiah, he's just a puffed up egomaniac who is unfit to govern.

Election now please.

Let her rip!

This one is from Andrew Bolt's blog this morning and WOW, this is what we should be seeing more of from the Liberals.

Gutsy, passionate and right down the middle of the ALP's and the Greens' sanctimonious twaddle about the 457 visa debate.

Seriously, BANG!

Sorry I have been a little distant lately....

This is the band of ninjas preparing to jump me

Life has an unexpected habit of creeping up on you doesn't it?

It certainly has crept up on me and basically jumped me lately. Like a ninja.

Or more accurately, like a band of ninjas like those dudes over there →

My wife is entering the last weeks of her pregnancy so there has been a flurry of visits to the doctor and midnight runs to the service station for chocolate bars and other types of munchies!

Then there's my current job, which is purely a stop gap measure.  It's pretty crappy in terms of what I actually do but at least it provides a steady income and no one to really boss me around as I work in a team of one. I start in the afternoon and work through to about midnight. Good thing is that it is only four days a week!  Just a bit of a step down from what I used to do professionally but that's OK, it's taught me a few things about myself.

For those that dont know me personally, I left my last full time job at the start of the year because the place just wasn't me, it was just plain awful. I hated it. Terrible work culture that thrived on personalities and petty rivalries, staffed by people with no real work ethic or sense of urgency and a crappy boss with no idea really but not surprising given he had no real qualifications and no strategic direction that you could mention. Anyway, enough about that..

My wife encouraged me to leave that crappy job because I was so unhappy, so leave I did. Problem was that I wasn't sure if I wanted to go back into the corporate world again. I felt like a square peg in a round hole, confined by a new world of OTT political correctness and a cloying sense of frustration at seemingly going through the motions each day.

More than two and a half hours a day commuting on a train surrounded by people who just seemed to exist to annoy me, to sit in a cubicle surrounded by people whose PC personalities seemed like banal cardboard cutouts posing as real people, bossed around by someone who is the epitome of the Peter Principle, to do something that really didn't make much difference to the world in a way that didn't seem to fit in with what I knew about the world.

So I started contemplating starting my own business dealing with digital communications and marketing, which is my principal area of expertise but I didn't really know where to start so I just started blogging. Writing whatever came into my mind was terribly therapeutic and really helped me just empty myself of a lot of angst.

La-la-la-la.... I can't hear you!

Again this was something that my lovely wife encouraged, as did some of my closet friends.

I think secretly that they just wanted me to stop talking to them about the things that annoyed me and if you have read my blog you will have noticed that it mostly revolved around politics.

People's eyes glaze over once I start to let it rip so I tend to try not to talk too much about politics in person anymore. With everything that has gone on lately, that has been pretty hard but well, I did say try.

Well, to get to the point of this post.

The reason I havent been posting recently is mainly because my business has miraculously taken off! I had an colleague from a previous job (not the one I just left, a much better one from several years ago!) that touched base and asked me if I would be interested in freelancing with her on a website redevelopment. Would I be interested? Bloody oath I would!

So that's what I have been doing for the past few weeks - Working from 10am to well after midnight each day, plus helping my wife get through the last few weeks before our little man gets here :)

To prove that when it rains it pours, another opportunity has just been presented to me  last night by a long time friend who I have only just recently reconnected with, funnily enough through this blog! So, it looks like I could be quite busy for the foreseeable future!

Dont get me wrong, this is not a "poor me" post, just a brief explanation of why things have been quiet around here lately.  I really do enjoy pouring my little heart out on to these pages, as well as reading the comments that some of you post in response.  I have even developed virtual friendships with some of you which I really do enjoy and appreciate, so thank you.

I am going to try to dedicate some time each weekend to posting here so hopefully you will find something to read here most weeks, but don't be disappointed if it is not quite the same volume that I used to post.

Talk soon... Dacka