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There are many names for them, but they are still anti-humanists

treehuggerHippies.  Tree huggers.  Environmentalists. Call them what you will.  With rare exception, I generally call them w@nkers.

Having spent a number of years in Tasmania, both at Uni and working for the State Government in Economic Development, I came across a wide variety of greenies.

Heck, I even counted several more, how do I say this delicately, fervent believers of the green faith as my mates.

I used to trek into the Tassie wilderness with my mates, enjoying the amazing flora and fauna.

I respect that there does need to be a place that is reserved as close to nature as possible, but I also acknowledge that a population needs an economy to live upon.  You cannot run a million dollar economy on Huon Pine carvings, bratwurst sausages and mime artists in Salamanca Place - as nice as the bratwurst was.

bratieBut never in all my years of living have I witnessed something so bizarre as what I am about to share with you.  It is the raving left of the lunatic green fringe.

A bunch of misanthropes who hate our society with such a verment passion but all the while not appreciating the ultimate irony that their pathetic lives represent.  They are steadfast anti-humanists, all the while being... well, human.

Check out the deranged rantings of a bunch of no hopers, and ne'er do wells as they prostrate themselves at the alter of their religion.... a fallen tree.  Watch and be astounded that there are people out there in the world that think just like these people you are about to see.  Some people like these actually hold positions of power and influence in our society.

Well not exactly like them, for the people wielding the power actually have jobs and money - which makes them much, much bigger hypocrites.  Much like Graeme Wood, founder of Wotif - a mega millionaire who made his money selling holidays, flights and accommodation online, and Australia's largest political sponsor with his $1 million donation to the Australian Greens party.  Like I said, massive hypocrites who preach do as I say policies, not do as I do as they jet around the world to save the planet.

Anyway, check out these "enlightened" beings wail for the loss of a single tree in a forest cluttered with them... and think about what is more important to Australia in today's economic climate.

Trees or people's prosperity and liberty.

Did you get some carbon spam?

SpamAs the current Federal government lurches from one diaster to the next, the rest of us are waiting patiently for Clean Up Australia Day to roll around again.

Previously this was held in January, but now it will be held on 14 September which is coincidently also the date of the Federal Election.

Of course in the lead up to any election there will be a flood of communications from both parties extolling the virtues of their respective candidates, as well as damning the credentials of their opponents.  This is quite common practice in politics.

But what is not common place is for this type of propaganda to be sent to people's email addresses unsolicited.  All email communications in Australia MUST indicate where the sender obtained your email address.  This is part of the Spam Act (2003) and if it is not adhered to then companies can be liable for multiple financial penalties, which can be quite large.

Buying lists of email addresses  is something that only the most desperate of organisations do, as such online actions can stir quite a heated response from unhappy people who feel that you have invaded their personal space with messages that they wouldn't normally even look at, let alone volunteer to read.

So who would do such thing you ask?

Well, it would be Australian politics most mendacious politician Greg Combet.  Yep, you know the one.  The one that has those wild eyes glistening behind those horn rimmed glasses.  Such eyes normally betray someone who has a fervent belief that carbon dioxide is comparable to carbon and that the only way to save the world is to tax something that actually makes plants grow.

combet2Greg Combet's office sent thousands of Australian's an email that basically echoes Obama's factually incoherent State of the Union address, as well as begging for your money to support their cause of installing a carbon tax.  At the end of the email good old crazy eyes warns that unless receivers send $10 or whatever the can afford then Australia will fall behind the rest of the world in "pricing carbon".

The clarion call to all recipients is that they need your financial help to defend the carbon tax from Tony Abbott and the Liberals.  WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! IT's another attack of the dreaded AbbottAbbottAbbott monster!!

So lets get this straight:

  • They promise no carbon tax under the government that Julia Gillard leads - but instead she sells her soul to the radical green fringe and thumbs her nose at the Australian electorate in her slavish desire to be PM.
  • Wayne Swan describes Liberal warnings that they will install a carbon tax as "hysterical" - but does it anyway, obviously learning from Peter "Pink Batts are Burning" Garrett who once said that once your in office you can just do what you like.
  • They set the carbon "price" (or tax as confessed by Julia Gillard after the 2010 election) at a ridiculous price in comparison with the rest of the world - $23 p/t compared to EU $9 p/t
  • They splash an obscene amount of money to promote the virtues of taxing the air we breathe - some $38million worth of Cate Blanchett and that bloke from the Castle to tell us just how evil carbon dioxide is
  • They then proceed to "compensate" people, but mind only those earning under $50K because it's fair that everyone else subsidise the new 50" plasma TV that Ma and Pa Welfare just bought with the cash they received to pay for the bills


Now they are rattling the tins around for chump change in order to "defend" the carbon "price" from it's detractors, which is pretty much everyone who doesn't wear a mohair skivvy, or Che Guevara t-shirt, and understands basic market economics.  No, not that stupid Keynesian type economics but the real stuff like Austrian school economics.  This government really knows no shame, for it has no scruples or morals.

As Gerald Henderson of Media Watch Dog is oft to ask, can you bear it?


PS: If you want to delve into some enlightening economic reading and interesting debates on liberty, pls visit Catallaxy Files

Working hard to make a livin'

A great article about taxing those dirty rich bastards who will retire with one million dollar payouts, which amounts to just over $50K pa.

Conservative estimates show that a couple will need more than $53K to live comfortably for the 20 or so years until they pass. Don't forget these rich bastards don't get the pension either or the associated benefits that go with it.

As the article outlines, just think about that next time you get up at 6am to go to work while others remain tucked up in bed.. for the day.

Remember in your deepest heart how much others deserve what you’ve earned. Yes, you might have sweated to get that education and training, and worked each day for forty years dragging yourself out of bed at 6 am and getting home at 7 pm. But you know full well that you didn’t earn that money. Admit it! It was all the community’s and the government’s doing. You should be grateful that you’re left with anything at all.

Already banking on your retirement

Interesting article about changing tax rates on super and the fact that they are already banking on slugging our retirement savings to pay for their waste.

If you want gonski and NDIS, then you need to pay for it out of the money we already have, not increase taxes more! Stop wasting our money and get out of our wallets.

Here's Henry Ergas from The Australian on their tricky accounting and plans for a class war of envy to get them over the line.

Increasing taxes on superannuation will always seem the easiest way of doing so. The vast bulk of what would be taxed is already there and cannot be removed. Ongoing contributions are largely compulsory and are now rising to 12 per cent of earnings. As far as tax grabs go, this is shooting fish in a barrel.

Little wonder barely noticed projections in the 2012-13 budget already list taxes on super as the government's fastest growing revenue source over the next three years. Those estimates show super tax payments rising 60 per cent on an accruals basis, three times more than the overall tax take.

But there is more juice in the lemon. The real problem lies in making squeezing it politically acceptable. And that requires careful propaganda. At its heart is the claim that super is too lightly taxed, especially for middle and higher income earners.

I already pay far more tax than I should need to. I don't get any assistance from the government -not that I want it, having the wherewithal and the pride to stand on my own two feet.

But many, many people in Australia are net beneficiaries of welfare, meaning they take much more than they contribute. These people must realise that it is not my responsibility to look after and provide for them, for that is their responsibility.

Not happy with the money you make in your crappy job? Well get a better one.

Not educated enough to get your dream job? Go back to school and learn new skills to enable you to do so. I went back to uni at age 28 as I realised my skills were sub-par. Burdened with an additional $30K debt, it took me until I was almost 40 to afford my own home.

But at least it's mine, bought with my money, debt serviced by the sweat of my own brow, not on handouts from my hard working neighbours while I scream about the inequities of life and how it's just not fair.

Give me a break.

Savings - Macquarie Dictionary style

moneyI love how increases to taxes are constantly referred to by the Treasurer as "savings".

I always thought savings were from, well saving money that you already had.

As in not spending what you have, as opposed to taking more from someone else.

I know it took me several attempts to pass accounting at Uni all those years ago, but after working for the past 5 years in the Australian finance industry for one of our big 4 banks I have definitely learnt what a saving is. Those bastards saved so much that they gave my job to 3 blokes in the Phillipines so they could do it for a third of the price, but that's another story for another post.

Heck, my wife and I even saved up our own money to build our own house. It was hard but we did it.

But now "structural savings" are on the table as the Government frantically tries to find money, any money, to throw at the electorate in the upcoming election.

With this in mind, I thought that I would list some of the "savings" that have already been locked in over the past 5 years or so.  As you can see, it's quite a list. (H/T - Judith Sloan - Catallaxy Files)

I read somewhere today that 80% of the monies taken from our income tax are spent on welfare in this country.

Someone's getting it all and it certainly ain't me. All I keep getting is taxed at 40 cents in the dollar.

What about you? Do you receive any of our government's largesse or are you part of it's saving program?

Savings so far

  1. 70% increase in tax on alcopops
  2. Increase in Luxury Car tax
  3. Increase in tax on North West Shelf gas project by extending it to condensate
  4. MRRT
  5. Fringe Benefits Tax (tighten exemptions)
  6. Increase in the Passenger  Movement
  7. Australia Post special dividend
  8. Increase in Visa application charges (2x)
  9. Reducing the Superannuation concessional contributions caps
  10. Reducing income tax exemption for overseas workers
  11. Reducing concessions for Employee Share Schemes
  12. Increase in excise and customs duty on tobacco
  13. Increasing GST revenue through compliance program
  14. ATO compliance program – dealing with the cash economy
  15. Increase in tax on fuel ethanol
  16. The Flood levy
  17. Increasing Car Fringe benefits tax
  18. Phase out of Dependent Spouse Tax Offset
  19. Removing minors’ eligibility for low income tax offset on unearned income
  20. Increasing Revenue through Tax compliance — reporting taxable payments (again)
  21. Abolish the Entrepreneurs’ Tax Offset
  22. Do not proceed with the company tax cut
  23. Do not proceed with standard deduction
  24. Deferral of higher concessional contributions cap
  25. Do not proceed with 50 per cent discount on interest
  26. Ending of Tax Concessions for Green Buildings
  27. Further reform of living-away-from-home allowances and benefits
  28. Superannuation – Increasing Tax on high income earners
  29. Changes to the Net Medical Expenses Tax Offset
  30. Better targeting of the employment termination payment tax offset
  31. Increasing GST Revenue – compliance program – two year extension
  32. Increasing Heavy Vehicle Road User Charges
  33. Increasing Passenger Movement Charge (again)
  34. Dividend payments from Australian Reinsurance Pool Corporation
  35. Australian Federal Police – Partial Cost Recovery of Airport Policing
  36. Doubling of the withholding tax on Managed Investment Trusts

The running of the bulls.

It's so disturbing to see people act like lynch mobs whenever they hear or see something that they don't agree with.

It doesn't seem enough for some people to be able to voice their concerns or objections to other people's opinions. They want to silence them. Take them off air. Destroy them. It is so hypocritical.

In yesterday's Australian there was an article by Ross Fitzgerald where he sees the mob mentality happening in modern Australia, particularly online.

The war against "unauthorised" dissent has also been taken up by a virulent social media whose aim is to silence those who oppose what is perceived as the correct political, racial, ethnic or social line.

The internet has in this sense become the 21st-century mob. A new Bastille is stormed almost daily in pursuit of some passing political or social passion that quite often involves the attempted extermination of what they regard as offensive speech or utterance.

One of the worst problems with a mob mentality is that most people don't actually know the details of why they're raging. They're just raging because everyone else is raging.


It's like a mental stampede charging a millions miles an hour across the network and everyone knows stampedes can be triggered, with cattle spooked into charging out of control just by the deft crack of a whip.

The problem here in Australia at the moment is that the cattle are as easily spooked as they are easily led, and the people cracking the whip above the ears are close to being sociopaths.

A prediction of a promise in advance

Now we’ve all broken promises before, after all we are human.  Humans are indeed fallible creatures and circumstances do change. So sometimes promises do get broken and when they happen in those types of circumstances they are generally not held against you.

People still take you at your word. Which is good, after all we are all human, and if we didn’t treat such piddly disappointments as such we probably wouldn’t have any friends left.

But what about when you break a promise that is iron clad, as they say?  What if your promise is critical to everything else that you say, a promise that is fundamental to your public credibility?

What if you have locked it in and assured people that depend on you, and your word, that failure to deliver this promise is not an option.  Hmmm… that sounds like it might be a little stickier to extricate oneself from.

What about if you break a promise that you say you have already delivered upon?

Hang on.  Back up a bit, what did you just say?  Did you just break a promise that you have already told people that you have already delivered upon?  Who the hell does that you ask?

Well Wayne Swan does, of course.  Well, not just Wayne.  Ten Labor MP’s, all in marginal electorates around Australia, all sent their constituents promotional pamphlets prior to the MYEFO statement mid year in 2012 trumpeting that Labor had already brought the budget to surplus on time, as promised.


Hang on.  Again. This sounds prety messed up, in a temporal shift type of way.  I used to like the TV show LOST, and there were a lot of time travelling, temporal shift type activities in that but I am really having trouble wrapping my head around this. This is actually harder to fathom than the first 10 minute of Back to the Future III!

Didn’t the Labor Party promise to deliver the surplus in the 2012/13 Financial Year?  Doesn’t the 2012/13 Financial Year end in June 2013? Just how did they actually deliver that surplus, on time as promised, BEFORE that time period expired in June 2012?  I call shenanigans.

No, let’s go further than that.  I would call that a lie.  They lied.  Flat out, I reckon.  But that’s not all that unusual now here in Australia, is it?

But alas, who am I but a lowly tax-paying moron.

Let’s ask someone much smarter than me, someone so smart that they are a full time academic! Academic’s are very smart people, or so we are constantly told.  Let’s see what he has to say about this bending of not only the truth, but also the of the space time continuum.

Professor of Law Graeme Orr  from the Queensland University described the surplus promise on Mr Swan’s flyer as “a prediction of a promise in advance“.

What does that actually mean?  I went to University too, but I’m sorry but that doesn’t make any sense to me whatsoever.  I must of missed Bulltish 101 – An introduction to lying.  

A promise is already made in advance.

But let’s go back to the Professor to check out if he can shed any further light on the situation.

“My mind boggles how we can get a factual content out of that,” Professor Orr said.  He wasn’t talking about his nonsensical explanation of why Wayne wasn’t a liar.  He was actually bagging anyone who thought that saying that you had already done what you were promising to do in the future was lying. This bloke was fair dinkum too and kept a very straight face.

Professor Orr then went on to say that parliamentarians from the major parties and the Australian Electoral Commission were wary over who would administer any truth in political advertising regime.

I’ll give you a tip professor, WE THE PEOPLE administer truth in political advertising.

Our report will be handed in on September 14th.

Perhaps this man should have been America's first black president?

With President Obama and Vice President Biden sitting on his right and a room full of the MSM, Dr Ben Carson delivers one of the most inspiring speeches that I have heard in many years.  Certainly more inspiring than anything I have heard delivered by any politician of any persuasion, but most particularly anything delivered by the 44th US President.

In this light perhaps we should actively heed Dr Carson’s advice about getting more educated people into politics like real doctors (not doctors of economics), and many, many less lawyers.

People who care naturally about other the welfare of others, not just in winning the contest.  Given the current political circumstance in Australian politics this statement rings even truer than it does in the US.

But back to Dr Carson’s speech.  It is brilliant.  You notice not that it’s 24 minutes long, because his message is so refreshingly simple, yet profound.  As they say in the classics, “Let’s go to  the tape…

As you can see, it is a message of hope, direction, faith but most importantly about belief.  A belief in oneself, and others around you; that anything is possible in our world but ultimately, the only person who is responsible for you is you.

Nothing in life is impossible,nothing unachievable , no problem unsolvable but you must set your mind to achieving it.  And then you must do something about it.  If you do, then nothing will stop you.

History is littered with many inspiring men and women who dragged themselves and their families, and sometimes even whole peoples, out of the darkness and into the light by following this simple creed.

Dr Carson also touches on something that is clearly fundamental to the success of western civilisation.  Freedom of Speech.  The linchpin that is responsible for the rise of the most powerful civilisation that mankind has ever known.  Western civilisation.

Unfortunately this fundamental principle of our world is currently being eroded, cloaked in good intentions, yet sinister in it’s application.  Our freedom to speak our minds, to participate in the contest of words and ideas is at the lowest ebb that it’s been at for many, many decades.

A freedom that was won on fierce and deadly battlefields now long forgotten, by men seemingly forgotten in our contemporary histories, seems to be fading into the past like the ghosts of liberty that fought for it.

Political correctness and the obsession with protecting people’s feelings because they hear things that offend them is destroying our capacity to actually discuss solutions to the most critical of issues that face us as a people.

We must resist the temptation to damn, to silence, to hector.  We must debate, freely and robustly all of the issues and challenges that we face without fear or favour, for these are no trifling matters that we are confronted with.

Listen to Dr Carson’s story and tell me.  What kind of world do you want to live in?

I want to live in the world that he wants to live in.