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Has the ALP woken the sleeping giant that is the Australian media?

159110-page-1-19-3-13Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are two of the most fundamental cornerstones of our democracy.

One of the main objectives for a free press is about taking a stand against the orthodoxy of the day and holding people to account that might otherwise be untouchable due to their power and influence.

The ALP's recent foray into trying to limit press freedom here in Australia has been vehemently opposed by News Limited from the word go, but now it seems that all of Australia's media bosses are singing from the same hymn sheet.

This is no longer seen as just a ham fisted attempt to stop News Ltd from portraying the Gillard Government as extremely dysfunctional and beholden only to union heavies and faceless factional bosses, it is now seen as the true affront to our freedom that it truly is.

The Herald Sun reports that Kerry Stokes from Seven West Media, Greg Hywood from Fairfax Media and others joined Kim Williams from News Ltd yesterday to condemn the proposed media regulation Bills that are now before Parliament when they appeared before a Parliamentary committee to discuss the proposal's impact on not only their businesses but also upon Australia's democracy.

It is time Australians woke up to the totalitarian instincts that seem to be firmly entrenched in not only the ALP's DNA but also within The Greens.

Neither party want diversity in the media, they just want to escape the searing light of scrutiny from the "hate media" for their repeated failures in nearly all areas of public policy that they have proposed.  Both parties pander to an increasingly dwindling voter base and are becoming more desperate as time goes on.

September 14, 2013 cannot come soon enough for an Australian electorate that is fast becoming sick of the inflammatory rhetoric of an increasingly chaotic government.

Dire straits in Canberra?

direstraitsWhen senior journalists at The Age, mockingly known as The Pravda on the Yarra in some cricles, start to run with stories that our esteemed Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is in dire straits then things could being going from bad to worse for the ALP's combative leader.

In Peter Hartcher's article in The Age this morning, Nielsen's John Stirton explains that they have run 27 polls since the 2010 election and that the ALP has been trailing the Liberals in every single one of them and it's getting worse.

Could this be the end of Julia Gillard's dysfunctional reign?

Australians all wait with bated breath... and hope.


The indomitable Andrew Bolt reports that Laurie "Jabba" Oakes tweeted the following whispers from his palace in Canberra:

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 9.52.56 PM

9000% return on investment. How do I get in on this?

ROIMove over Eddie Obeid, there's a new man in town whose investment prowess may just be the best the world has ever seen.

In the continuing ICAC hearings into corruption and profiteering by prominent union officials  we have been hearing all about Ian Maitland's, a former CFEMU National President, amazing business accumen.

Turns out that Mr Maitland gained a 9000% return on his initial investment of $165,000.  That converts to a grand total of $15 MILLION. From 160 grand.

WOW! Seems like it really pays off to have friends in the right places.

Friends like Ian MacDonald, the disgraced former NSW ALP Minister, who coincidentally is also pretty chummy with Eddie Obeid. And we all know about that dont we? 

The Daily Telegraph has more on the former CFEMU National President's convenient relationship with the NSW Minister for Mates Rates

OVER a meal of suckling pig, oysters, duck and top-of-the-range red, Ian Macdonald signed away a mining licence that put millions in the pockets of his union mates, a corruption inquiry heard yesterday.

It was an $1800 "signing ceremony" at the exclusive Catalina restaurant which saw one of the men involved in the deal, upon learning of the potential size of the Hunter Valley resource, boast "you will understand why I can't wipe the smile off my face, merry bloody Christmas".

And these people purport to represent the workers and their best interests.

All they care about are themselves and lining their pockets.


First it was your super, now it's your savings...

335966-mark-knightIf it wasn't so scary it would be funny...

Not content with pinching not only inactive super accounts and super accounts under $2000, which I discussed previously in Already banking on your retirement, the Federal Government has now announced that it's got it's eyes on people's inactive bank accounts in order to bolster the budget's rapidly collapsing bottom line.

A recent post on Catallaxy Files shows the real budget receipts and it's not pretty.  We are staring a deficit of somewhere between $10 and $20 billion dollars.  Bit of a change from that $1 billion surplus they told us about over 200 times, isn't it?

Anyway, back to the Sheriff of Canberra-ham.

As the Herald Sun reports, your inactive bank accounts are now able to be rolled into consolidated revenue so that the Government can go on a massive spend-a-thon to persuade voters to keep them in power, despite running the good ship Australia well and truly onto the rocks.

However, I think it is tricks like these that are sticking in the craw of everyday voters, and you dont have to be a card carrying Tory to think that this is just not on.

It's our money Wayne, so get your greedy little mitts off it!

Everyone can be an internets nerd... and maybe a millionaire too!

internet-marketing-strategy-traffic1A Facebook friend posted this (H/T - Shelley Barnes) and I was intrigued by what potentially Zuckerburg and Gates were saying about learning.  If these guys learnt it, I wanna too...

I remember coming out of the theatre after watching The Social Network and wanting to just code my butt off and create!  I was so stoked about the potential that the online world can present us, as individuals, as a people and as a planet.  The possibilities are completely infinite.

If you have a child, get them into computing as soon as possible.  Have you seen a child use an iPad? Amazing but not surprising, since the intuitiveness of most online products are designed to be just that way.  Steve Jobs once said making something simple is hard to do, but they do it everyday.

But don't be afraid of technology.  Embrace it, use it teach yourself and then to also solve any problem you run into along the way.  I use a learning service called Learnable, which is a great course based site.  It helps you learn anything from the basics to the most complicated topics.  But you have to drive yourself, just like all of those great people in the video below.

Most importantly, in the words of legendary Hawthorn coach John Kennedy Snr - "Don't Think, Do."

The myth of finite resources

howbigisthepieWe live in a finite world.  That is not in dispute, but what is in dispute is the depth of this finite pool of resources.

Do we have enough to last us? How much is enough exactly?  Do we already actually know everything that we will ever know?

Well it depends on how you look at it doesn't it, but I highly doubt it.

I've always argued that the whole notion of "renewable resources" is largely a furphy, merely a marketing term coined to make you feel better about using what we have been told is a finite resource.

People who worry about "peak oil" know absolutely nothing about the make up of our earthly home, nor the magic that is free market economics - the most adaptive force this planet has seen since... well, us.

In a free market system, prices signal scarcity. So as a resource becomes more scarce, it becomes more expensive, which incentivizes people to use less of it and develop new alternatives, or to find new reserves of that resource that were previously unknown or unprofitable.

As we are seeing with the recent boom in coal seam gas exploration and fracking of natural gas reserves once thought unreachable or uneconomical, the idea that we have already found all of the reserves of known resources on our planet is just incredibly naive.

This doesnt even take into account the full extent of unknown reserves of known resources, let alone the unknown reserves of unknown resources - resources that we currently, due to our current knowledge and capabilities, have no use for or understanding of their potential future uses.

This vid from LearningLiberty clearly illustrates this whole concept for those unfamiliar with how free markets continually drive our civilisation forward, changing the lives of millions each step of the way.  The old "everything that can be invented has been invented" idea just has no merit in free market economies.

Never listen to anyone to who says they care about the world, or the children of the future.  99% of the time they are lying and are just old fashioned rent-seekers, trying to con you with their glib marketing phrases like "renewable" energy.

Relax, enjoy your life, and stop worrying so much about things that will never happen predicted by people who have no idea of the amazingly adaptive power that resides within us all.

Now look, 17 years doesn't constitute a trend... maybe 40 years will.

298748_148148991991584_1697750854_nNow everyone knows the globe is warming right and that we are all going to die, right?

What? What do you mean the world hasn't warmed for the past 17 years? That's not what they have been telling us, is it?

No it is not, but now even the head of the IPCC has to admit this inconvenient truth, but with a kicker of a caveat... that the pause must last longer than the warming period that preceded it!

THE UN's climate change chief, Rajendra Pachauri, has acknowledged a 17-year pause in global temperature rises, confirmed recently by Britain's Met Office, but said it would need to last "30 to 40 years at least" to break the long-term global warming trend.

OK, so we're pretty clear on his position that 17 years worth of NO warming is not indicative of the fact that "global warming" is not happening.

But where did they come up with the idea that the world was warming?  From temperature measures (from disputable locations and data manipulation) that occurred over a time period of... wait for it.... of approximately 17 years in the mid  to late 1970's to mid 1990's.

So 17 years of slowly increasing temperatures is enough to suggest global warming, but 17 years of no warming is not long enough to contradict the global warming hypothesis. Okkkkkaaaaaay then. I want my cake, and I'm gonna eat it too! No amount of contradictory data will sway these green zealots from their civilisation destroying fundamentalism.


So let me get this right.  Prior to the late 1970's the consensus was that the globe was cooling, not warming.

Then the consensus shifted towards the belief that the world was warming due to increasing CO2 emissions.

Now the evidence suggests that this period of warming has stopped, paused, ceased, plateaued, or whatever term you want to call it.

There is now also substantial evidence to suggest that global temperature is not correlated to CO2 emissions.

But now the climate gurus like Pachauri assure us that the amount of time that we have observed this new trend is now not long enough and we need to wait loooooonger, like say um 30 years.

That should do it.  We think.  We'll wait until we get there and then we'll decide if we want to move the goal posts again.

When will we wake up and begin to disregard their hyperbolic predicitions for what they are... useless predictions?

When will we learn to disregard rentseekers like Tim Flannery whose previous dud predictions, such as the rains in Australia would never fill our dams again or that the extended drought that we experienced was the new climate normal, have been completely debunked by actual reality?

When will we stop allowing them moving the goalposts?


The new face of tolerance.. as long as you agree with me, that is.

The new face of tolerance. An intolerant anti-semite bigot who doesn't "recognise Israel" debating about peace.

Who did he think would be arguing for the Israeli's? Iranians?  Give me a break.

Listen for the incredulous laughter once people realise that his man is serious.


Freedom to speak also means having the freedom to listen

227761-geert-wildersChris Kenny has penned an excellent article in today's Australian about visiting European politician, Geert Wilders.

Unfortunately Mr. Kenny erroneously claim that Wilders wants to ban the Koran, which a falsehood.

Geert argues that with the banning of Mein Kampf in The Netherlands on the grounds of hate-speech that the Koran should also be banned.

Hey you are very happy here, you applauded the fact that Mein Kampf was outlawed in the Netherlands. If you are really consistent, you should, for the same arguments that you use as liberal politicians to outlaw Mein Kampf, outlaw the Koran as well. - Geert Wilders

His actual position is a rhetorical argument, based on the notion that neither book should be banned for inciting violence and intolerance but if you're going to ban one, you should ban similar texts.

He is actually not calling for the Koran to be banned but calling for consistency in applying the law.  One law for all. Including muslims.

Anyway, the rest of the article is well written but it's behind a paywall so all you too tight to pay for your news wont be able to read it but the essential element is found in this paragraph at the end of the article sums up the problem.

Geert Wilders continues his visit under tight security. It occurs to me to ask Hizb ut-Tahrir's Uthman Badar whether he has ever required armed protection in Australia. "No," he says. - Chris Kenny

It seems that some people think that if you darte to disagree with their beliefs, then they want to silence you and or even worse, try to kill you.

Seems fair to me, because that's the kind of values this country was built upon. Oppression and totalitarianism

This warning is exactly the message that Geert Wilders, a democratically elected parliamentarian from The Netherlands whose party represents nearly a third of Dutch people, is trying to get across to people.  This is his "lived experience".

Imagine the furore if someone tried to do the same to the Greens party and their message, given that they far less representative in comparison to Mr Wilders in his native Netherlands?

Strangely enough, the useful idiots of the lunatic far left fringe do not understand how they are being used as willing pawns. The alliance between the radical Left and extremist Islamists is an example of Blair's Law, which states:

...the ongoing process by which the world's multiple idiocies are becoming one giant, useless force.

Follow up editorial from the Herald Sun, which correctly states that Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Assembly are two cornerstones of our democracy.  You are free to oppose but not prevent others from exercising their own freedoms.

New from Demtel - Offend-no-more

tumblr_lnmg0uMS441qk5t4nWhilst Nicola Roxon is no longer going to contest the next Federal election on September 14th 2013, the proposed changes to the Anti-Discrimination Bill that she put forward are still to be debated in Parliament.

The Senate Committee will Report on Monday the 18th of February. It is VITAL that every Australian demands that this bill be rejected in its entirety.

If we dont reject completely their proposed changes then there is still a chance that the government and it's sniveling partners in totalitarianism, the Greens Party, may still try to reverse over 600 years of legal precedent and not not only reverse the onus of proof but also introduce laws that make it illegal to ridicule the ridiculous and offend the easily offendable. (H/T Tim Mathieson)

This brief, yet incredibly funny (if it wasn't so serious) advert shows just how pathetic and down right dangerous these proposed changes to our laws are to our freedom.

As it mentions, once in you will never be able to wind these laws back.  Nation wide victim hood is only a short hop, skip and offend away.

The flick is brought to you by the Free Speech Australia, where you can also add your name to the many thousands of Australian's who are disgusted with the advance of totalitarianism in Australia under the guise of political correctness. I have added my voice to the many other Australian's who are willing to take a stand and say:


Will you join the fight against totalitarianism, or will you meekly roll over and let them trample on one of the fundamental cornerstones of a healthy democracy?