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Can't teach an old dog new tricks

868313-faceless-menThe faceless men of the ALP.

No one really knows who these power brokers and back room dealers are, but they certainly have a lot of say in how Labor works.

But the current situation of faceless men deciding what the voting public really should isn't something new for Left in Australian politics.

In fact it was the same kind of deal way back when Arthur Calwell was leader of the ALP back in the early 1960's.

For those who are unfamiliar with Mr Arthur Calwell, he was a was a powerful unionist before he entered Parliament and a staunch supporter of the White Australia Policy before Gough Whitlam ousted him from the ALP leadership.

Some of that sounds pretty damn familiar doesn't it?

Perhaps this is where Julia Gillard is getting her inspiration for her recent demonisation of productive 457 visa holders and promising to "put Australian jobs first and foreigners to the back of the queue".

Hmmm... seems like Australian's havent really learnt much in the past 50 years, have we?

Original Faceless men poster

Labor Lemons

The Liberals clearly aren't wasting any time addressing the ALP's constant leadership speculation, with a remix of their "Kevin O Lemon" advert from several years ago.

With the election not too far away and with Labor's continual policy failures such as Nicola Roxon's Discrimination and Human Rights Bill and Stephen Conroy's recent Media Regulation Bill, the Liberals will barely even have to try to write their upcoming campaign adverts.

Labor is just too good at illustrating exactly how bad they are themselves on a daily basis now.

It really doesn't matter who's actually at the helm of the ALP, because their policies are clearly what's hurting this country.

Labor sharpening the knives again

knivesmanOh no, looks like things are spiralling out of control for the ALP following several disastrous weeks prior Parliament returning this week.

All of this is no longer coming from the "hate media" but instead from Fairfax journalists like Peter Hartcher, who normally have very strong ties and connections to Labor insiders who are "in the know".

Has Labor mistakenly woken up sections of the Australian media with its recent proposed media regulation bills?

Labor MP's now collectively sound like a football president coming out strong to support an embattled coach, who then unceremoniously sack said coach the following day.

Much like when Labor MP's openly supported former PM Kevni Rudd in 2010, only to line up and denounce him repeatedly in public in a manner like the Australian public has never seen before after Julia Gillard knifed him in the back.

With mates like these, who needs enemies?

All Tony Abbott has to do is sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy watching Labor tear itself apart... again.


Do you want to be controlled?

Found this quote on Catallaxy Files, Australia's leading libertian and centre-right blog, that I thought was very telling given the events of recent weeks...

Political tags – such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth – are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.— Robert Heinlein

The secret diary of Eddie Obeid, aged 53 and 1/3

Apologies to Adrian Mole, but Eddie Obeid's diary is making for much better reading in the wake of the ICAC corruption hearings in NSW.

In an insightful article in The Australian Financial Review last Friday, Michaela Whitbourn and Neil Chenoweth lay out the explosive and undeniable connections between Honest Eddie and Ian MacDonald, NSW Minister for Mates Rates, prior to a coal exploration licence being granted to Honest Eddie's Mount Penny Coal joint venture with another of Ian MacDonald's "associates", Greg "It's all just a coincidence" Jones in 2009.


From the article

Eddie Obeid’s diaries show the former NSW Labor minister arranged to meet central figures in an allegedly corrupt coal deal at key dates in the negotiations. The diary entries raise questions over his claims he had no involvement in brokering the $60 million deal.

The parliamentary diaries, from 2007 to 2009, show the power of the notorious backroom operator’s contact list. There were streams of meetings with Labor politicians and property developers.

The diaries, which were tendered by the Independent Commission Against Corruption on the final day of its hearing into the coal deal last Thursday, provide new insights into the factional leader’s meetings in May 2009, when an allegedly corrupt deal was struck between mining company Cascade Coal and the Obeid family.

The red undie brigade

Eric Lobbecke is one of The Australian's resident cartoonists and I just love his drawing style...








He is loving to use Senator Conroy's red undies as a muse recently to devastating effect.


What's another word for "feisty"?

Yesterday in an often fiery question time Julia Gillard not only promised that she would win the next election, but in her unmistakably combative and vituperative style she also described herself as a "strong feisty woman" before smearing the Leader of the Opposition as a "policy weak man".

How a PM can get away with such naked sexist gibes is beyond me, but it obviously appeals to some ALP focus group or the down trodden and brutally oppressed mummy bloggers on Sydney's North Shore.

Our illustrious PM also managed to slip in another snide remark about "mysognist Tony", which Christopher Pyne angrily demanded be withdrawn.  Let's go to the tape...

Let's check out other words that the PM's favourite dictionary and thesaurus, the Merriam-Webster, gives us for "feisty".  Hmmmmm... oh dear, that sounds about right.  Another own goal by our loving, caring PM.

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James Patterson of the IPA explains the media regulation proposal

James Patterson, Communications Director of the Institute of Public Affairs, is a very impressive (dare I say it and betray my age) young man who one day will no doubt have a long career in politics, should he chose to take that path.

But at the moment he is at the forefront of the resistance to Senator Conroy's media regulation "reforms" and here he calmly explains exactly why these "reforms" are a drastic overreach by Senator Conroy and Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

The changing face of Western Sydney

While I live in Melbourne, the continuing stories that come out of Sydney about drive by shootings, gang rapes and bloody violence sends shivers down my spine about the direction that our country is heading.

Being the member of an immigrant family who desperately wanted to leave the troubles of their native homeland behind them and integrate fully into the Australian way of life that attracted my grandparents to Australia after World War II in the first place, it is almost beyond belief that people now coming to Australia don't seem to want to do the same.

I realise that our multicultural society changes as time moves forward and more people from diverse walks of life come to our great country, but this story from a former resident of Greenacre in Western Sydney should start to ring alarm bells for many Australians.

If people dont want to fit into the fabled "Australian" way of life and societal mores that the vast majority of Australians live their lives by, why do these people bother coming here?

We have so many great cultures here in Australia that all contribute to the "Australian" way of life. European, Indian, African, Asian and Middle Eastern.  But it is an extremely small, yet incredibly vocal and increasingly visible minority that give all immigrants a bad reputation by their increasingly anti-social behaviour.

We will give you a fair go, but please leave your ethnic greiveances at the door as you come into this great country.  That's what my family did 50 years ago and we have never looked back.