What is Dacka’s Razor?

Thanks for visiting my humble blog, Dacka’s Razor.

If you don’t know me personally, I am Brett Dackiewicz.  I am 40 years old and happily married to Amber Claringbold.  We live in Mernda, out on the northern prairies that lie on Melbourne’s outskirts, in a freshly built home.

I am a pretty opinionated person, which has always gotten me into trouble with the usual suspects such as parents, teachers, managers and bosses over the years.  My friends have had to listen to my many opinions on many subject for many years.

It used to be amusing for them (i think) to hear the latest bone of contention that I was gnawing on, and occasionally they would throw some bloody morsel into my pit so they could see me gnash my teeth but now it’s become serious.  I started to mess with their Facebook feeds.  When you start messing with people’s FB feeds things can get heated.

Now, being opinionated isn’t necessarily a bad thing in itself but what I found was that I was becoming increasingly frustrated at the shallow analysis being shown to critical issues, be they social, economic, political or even moral ones, by the mainstream media (MSM) here in Australia and the rest of the world.

Due to the shallow, fickle nature of our public discourse it is no wonder that many in society actively shun discussing important topics with people around them because the topics are considered uncomfortable or unpopular to discuss.  Or even worse… sometimes people actually didn’t know about the issues.

One might say they seem taboo but that’s… well, a taboo topic.

Dacka’s Razor is about discussing all sorts of topics.  With no taboo’s.

I hope that you will join in on the discussion.

Cheers… Dacka