This is a comment from James over at Catallaxy Files in response to Henry Ergas’ post A lost search for silver liningswhich looks at the washup from the election.

The inevitable navel gazing is currently infecting not only the ALP but also their acolytes at Their ABC, Fairfax mastheads The Age and SMH and various left leaning commercial TV station commentators such as Laurie “Jabba the Hut” Oakes, Mark “Don’t write crap” Riley and Peter “I really wish I was born in Russia” Bourgono

Let’s see what pearl of lefty wisdom James has gleaned from watching and reading the post election analysis of these oh-so-obviously left leaning media types.

So according to the television:

The ALP was awesomeness but Just got disunity n stuff.

The big businesses and da evil Murdoch tricked the voters into voting out an awesome party of economic geniuses who could not tell everyone how awesomeness they were because of disunity.

Rudd is awesome for doing so well, but bad because of disunity.

Most importantly the ALP has never been wrong about anything.

Sounds about right given the mutterings I have seen and heard from leftards that I know. LOL