Our Dear Leader, Kev Jong Il is one tough, resilient bloke.  He’s been everywhere and done everything, man… even surviving the infamous Kokoda Track.

I’m sure that my grandfather and his mates really appreciated his input while fighting the Japanese on the Track during World War II.

I think our Dear Leader might have even nursed my dear old Pop through the bout of dysentery that almost finished him off while he was lying in the jungles of PNG.

Fair dinkum, could this bloke be any more insulting to the memory of the many Diggers that fought and died valiantly in PNG jungles or returned home as mere shadows of the men that they used to be than to insinuate that he too was a “survivor of the Kokoda Track” “way back then“?

Kevin Rudd isn’t fit to even polish the boots or carry the rucksacks of those indomitable heroes that protected our country, our values and our way of life from the invading Japanese army during those dark days in 1942.

He’d be lucky to be even mentioned in the same breath as those heroes of World War II.

Much like his narcissistic ego, his effrontery knows no bounds.



Vale William Bertrum Gilbert II – RIP Pop x


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