If this is what his own team say about him what does it say about them now that they elected him leader of the ALP again? Are they hypocrites or just shameless carpetbaggers protecting their cushy sinecures?

How can Australian’s have such a short memory to have forgotten that Rudd was a dismal failure the first time around?

Is it our diet of Big Brother and Masterchef that has rotted our collective brains? Flooded by a diet of vacuous narcissists vying to be popular for popular’s sake we have forgotten to question actual performance and efficacy.

Is it a left leaning media’s obsession with the banal utterings on Twitter that has masked the feelings of the silent majority with the faux outrage of the Perpetually Offended and Outraged (POOs)?

We have been hoodwinked into thinking that a 30 second trend by 1% of people on a platform that has less than 10% of the population participating is indicative of how the wider community feels.

Wake up Australia, our future is calling.