Andrew Bolt has an interesting post this morning on Rudd cooling on global warming but it is his update on what the new Treasurer Chris Bowen that really gets my goat.

Bolt’s update clearly illustrates Labor’s hypocrisy and deceit when it comes to major policy platforms.

As usual Bolt nails it in one, so instead of trying to paraphrase a message that is so succinct I will just leave it to the Bolta…

I’m watching Treasurer Chris Bowen on Meet the Press telling us the carbon tax should go to meet “cost of living” pressures. Telling us that switching to world prices – now just under $6 a tonne – will cut our power bills, and that this is good.

I’m gobsmacked by the utter gall. Astonished that the reporters just nod at the latest version of wisdom from Labor.

This from the Labor Government which earlier:

– passed the carbon tax precisely to increase electricity prices and make us cut emissions,

– spent the last year claiming the carbon tax wasn’t actually a big deal in driving up power prices, anyway.

– swore Australia’s carbon tax wasn’t ahead of the rest of the world, and world prices would soon match it.

– insisted global warming was “the great moral challenge of our generation”, requiring a carbon tax set at a minimum of $23 a tonne to drive the cuts in emissions we needed.

All crap, from a party of liars.

This latest change dumps what Labor wrought just a year ago, at amazing expense and accompanied by massive government advertising. And we’re supposed to applaud its wisdom now that it’s proved an expensive disaster?

Labor are nothing but political weathervanes swinging with the wind.

Just as fickle and just as fleeting as the breeze that blows.