018505-gillard-ruddThis just in from Andrew Bolt and The Australian.

Following discussion this morning on The Insiders, there are fresh rumours that Julia Gillard may be about to be deposed in favour of Kevin Rudd.

PM replaced before election?

Key backers, rumoured to include Bill “I support whatever the Prime Minister says even though I dont know what she said” Shorten, are said to be “wobbling” in their support, especially given the rock star reception afforded Kevni when he visited Geelong on Friday.

Could Labor possibly be prepared to swap back to the man they described as a raging, psychopathic egomaniac?

Would the voting public be so stupid to vote back in a man said to be so dysfunctional that no one wanted to work with him?

Personally, I would like nothing better than to see the back of Julia Gillard, but I desperately would like the voting public afforded the chance to send her on her way themselves, not another coup by Labor’s Faceless Men.

Watching Gillard deliver her speech conceding the election to Abbott would be priceless and worth every second of the 98 days that we would have to endure until that delicious moment could eventuate.


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