Americas-Got-Talent-Reality TV shows have been all the rage for several years now.

Whether you think that this is a good thing or not is beside the point, they are popular.

Currently the flavour of the month in reality TV land are shows such as The Voice or America’s Got Talent, shows which focus on everyday showbiz hopefuls showcasing their sometimes dubious singing talents in an effort to become the next singing superstar.

This grab from Jay Leno’s Pumpcast News in the US may have inadvertantly discovered a couple of people who could rival any contestant on those staged shows. This is as raw as you can get!

The clip features a couple of everyday Americans getting down with some impromptu versions of the 80’s most popular songs whilst pumping gas.

And as you will see in the video below, despite being blissfully unaware of the hidden cameras, they have an absolute gas hamming it up!

Now these guys have real talent and a real verve for performance to boot.

Gold, absolute gold effort from the couple at pump 16 in Birbank, California.