Bah… depression and anxiety, that’s just a load of hogswash.  These sissies should just pull themselves together…

That’s what I used to say… before I had a massive panic attack on public transport one day and thought I was going to die from a heart attack.

That’s what I used to say… before I was mentally shot from trying to self medicate for the little incessant voice rattling around in my head.

That’s what I used to say…. before I understood why my temper would explode for no reason over the fact that the person in front of me at the checkout was taking too long.

That’s what I used to say… before I realised that I had experienced severe depression and anxiety for close to 20 years and that I needed help.

If you ever feel like any of these things do what I didn’t do… Speak to your friends, speak to your doctor and open yourself up.  People care and they can help you.

Most importantly you’re not a sissy, you’re not weak and you’re not crazy… you are just like so many other people in the world who suffer from moments of such intolerable sadness that life seems too hard.

Beyond Blue can help you understand that you are not strange or unusual, just that everyone needs a little help every now and then.

Do yourself a favour, check it out and take the first step to a better life.


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