I am not sure if you saw the new Liberals advert on TV over the weekend, but if you havent it is an absolute cracker.

Poking fun at the never ending policy foul ups that have plagued the government ever since Gillard’s coup de grace in 2010, it really hits the mark in portraying Labor as a bunch of headless chooks running amok in the henhouse.

Check it out

I would encourage you to also visit the campaign site for more chook lotto fun and check out the hilarious character assessments of the various Labor chooks.  The pick of the bunch are the assessments for the “world’s greatest treasurer” Wayne Swan and his Finance Minister sidekick Penny Little, ah I mean Penny Wong.

Swan is described as a text book example of the Peter Principle, which asserts that employees tend to rise to their level of incompetence.  Fans of Dilbert will be well versed on the Peter Principle.

Wong is also on the receiving end of a decent serve by describing her climb back to the top of the SA Senate bill as going from number two to number one.  Ouch.

There will be many more of these types of campaigns as the Liberals sheet home the blame for the last seven years of incompetence, backflips and policy debacles wholly and solely into the Labor camp.

Love it.

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