Very interesting article from last week about Labor censoring anti-government sentiments on Twitter.

This happens quite regularly on Labor related Facebook sites with any negative comment removed by moderators to give the impression that everyone thinks that they’re ace but there could be nothing further from the truth.

Lets go check out what has to say about this disturbingly totalitarian trend

Last year Twitter announced that it would censor tweets if a country’s government requested them to do so.

In early 2013, Twitter began actively censoring Australian tweets at the direct request of the government, making Australia “the first modern democracy to identify, filter and ban free speech whilst not in a state of War,” according to a March 15, 2013 report from

A subsequent Polliter report indicates that “the Prime Minister’s own ‘public record of communications via Twitter’ @PMOPressOffice has been proven to be filtering anti-Labor comment, and suspending users that interact on that site.”

Although outright suspensions appear to be unusual, content filtering, where certain terms or tweets sent are banned from the Australian public, appears commonplace.  In these instances, content blocked from Australian sites can still be viewed when using Twitter from the US or elsewhere in the world, consistent with Twitter’s stated policies.

Regardless of Twitter policy, the manipulation of commentary and opinion with the express intent of identifying and neutralizing dissenting voices is deeply problematic in any democratic society.

Moreover, the practice may be in breach of Australia’s privacy act and, possibly, the Wire Services & Carriage and Personal Surveillance laws, which forbid eavesdropping or manipulation of a carriage service, even a private one, without a court order.

Labor once again showing that they actually don’t care to engage in democratic debate.

Labor always positions itself to occupy the moral high ground on any and all policy areas, but only through default by actually removing people’s democratic right to challenge and engage with any and all public commentary or trying to wedge their political opponents with empty policy announcements.

This is a disgusting act of wilful connivance by a government that has rightly been described as shameless.

Only 130 days to go folks, then we can be rid of these people for a very, very, very long time.


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