thatcher1While the Left continues to show it’s true colours by marking the death of Margaret Thatcher with calls for mass celebration and pissing on her grave, it is probably timely to recall one of the reasons that the Left hated the Iron Lady with such venom.

While there is no doubt there were many memorable quotes that the formidable former Prime Minister uttered in her many public appearances, it was the fact that many of of these now famous quotes were retorts that were aimed directly at her critics and often fired from the hip that annoyed so many of the rabid mouth breathers of the Left, and conversely impressed so many of those on the Right.

In my opinion it was this innate ability to effectively neuter opponents with an impromptu, yet devastatingly funny quip that displayed her immense intellect and razor sharp wit.  This, more than anything, frustrated her opponents to no end with an apparent ease.

As you can see from the clip below, which shows how Thatcher glibly dealt with a heckler / protestor who managed to storm his way into a Tory policy launch and attempted to disrupt proceedings, this lady was not for the turning and she often managed to turn the tables on her hapless opponents.

Classic stuff, especially Thatcher’s parting shot as they drag the man rather unceremoniously out of the hall. (Memo to Victorian Police – This is how you handle protestors effectively)


No matter what you thought of her, you had to admire her political spirit and ability to think on her feet.  People laud Gillard’s “legendary” toughness, but the Iron Lady was unmatched in the area of verbal jousting.  And all the while she never played the gender card.

Perhaps there is a message in that quote for Tony Abbott as Labor’s AbbottAbbottAbbott vitriolic attacks wind up again ahead of the upcoming election here in Australia.

Fight fire with fire, but make it funny at the same time without being nasty or calling people names.

(H/T: Breitbart – The Conversation – Kerry Picket)