Good morning to all of you members of The Razor Gang!

Things are looking up here at Dacka’s Razor with a potential new multimedia career opening up as we speak, type, read or whatever it is that you do on the internet.

Hang on, I dont think I really want to know what some of you do on the internet in the dark of night.

OK, back to my plans for World Domination™

That’s right, The Razor is no longer content with thrusting my opinionated thoughts out in the blogosphere, I am planning to take the media world by storm or at least a slight sprinkle to start off with and working my way up from there.

I’m in discussions at the moment with an unnamed benefactor about commencing a weekly podcast that will be aired on a soon to be launched private internet radio station thingy. Ohhhhh… doesn’t that sound exciting?!

I’ve also set up a new dedicated Twitter feed @DackasRazor, so if you’re into all things twitty be sure to follow my feed as I will be concentrating on things with a political / current affairs slant via that dedicated feed.

Onwards and upwards my friends and comrades in arms!  Let us continue our fight to Cut through the Spin