tired2Life is hard, but I’m tired.

Just plain old tired.

Tired of being told I’m not tolerant by intolerant minority group that demands that I change and I dare to ask them why I should.

Tired of these never ending demands from extremely vocal minorities who they say their demands must be met by a largely acquiescent majority that are not allowed demand anything from them in return.

tired4Tired of being told that I’m out of touch because I’m happy with things that work and that have been the cornerstone of our liberal democracy for centuries.

Tired of watching people take for granted and trample on the very freedoms that Australians have died for in the past and have made Australia the envy of the world for as long as people can remember.

Tired of being told I’m a racist for wanting people who come to this country to try and fit in just like everyone else who has come to this country before them did like many of our parents, grand parents and great grand parents did without complaint.

Tired of being told how I am not being responsible because I don’t like people smugglers running our immigration policy.

tiredTired of being told how I have no compassion because I don’t want people drowning in the ocean when their leaky boats sink miles from shore.

Tired of being told I’m a bigot because I don’t want to let in people into Australia who pose a serious health risk when they arrive unannounced on our shores with diseases that took us centuries to eradicate.

Tired of being told I’m a redneck because I don’t want people coming here uninvited at such a rate that the authorities can’t do the checks and we don’t know who they actually are.

Tired of being told Australia is such a rubbish country and we should all change by people who purposely travel halfway around the world to get here because the places they left were no good.

tired5Tired of being told I’m a insert name here-ophobe by people who seem more capable of hate than love, and more able to tear down than build up.

Tired of people wasting money but being told I need to contribute more for people who contribute nothing for themselves.

Tired of being told I am an economic illiterate by people who understand nothing about basic economics.

Tired of being told that debt is good by people who will never be expected to pay the debt back.

Tired of being lied to and being told it is I that is the liar.

Tired of being told to shut up by people who just won’t stop talking.


(H/T – Westy from Brisbane from Piers Ackerman’s blog for much of this post, which I have also added to)


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