Reading reports of The Goose’s superannuation “reforms” and Gillard’s claims that a Rhodes Scholar with an Economics degree was an “economic simpleton” would be enough to make anyone feel like their head was going to explode.

As much as I would like to blame them I’m really not sure that it was reading about Gillard and her moronic gang of cronies that did me in, more likely just a serious dose of the common head cold that has caused me to lay low for the last few days.

So, sorry for the recent lack of posts guys…

But the good news for The Razor Gang (that’s you guys) is that I’ve busted out the whet stone (and some cold and flu tablets) to grind away those dull edges in my mind.

Tomorrow morning will see Dacka’s Razor back in full swing, cutting through the sinew and gristle of the Australian media to bring you all a few tasty bones to chew on.

Until tomorrow, hang tight.

Cheers… Dacka