jill-greenberg-crying-photoshopped-babies-end-times-18Another great post by The Prick with a Fork who ponders Why Do Feminists Hate Cooking?.

The PWAF is discussing respected rocket scientist Yvonne Brill’s recent passing and the The New York Times “controversial” obituary that sought to immortalise not only her ground breaking scientific achievements but also her apparently rather more mundane skills as a loving and caring mother, as recounted by her grieving son.

PandoDaily also reports that after copping a torrent of abuse, scorn and incredulity about using the old bait and switch method of story telling, The NYT changed the lede in its obituary to head off the virtual stampede of delicate New Age Twitterites bitching about their offended sensibilities at another symbol of the oppression of women everywhere.

Except in Pakistan or Afghanistan, where they shoot women in the head for going to school or chop them in the head 15 times with an axe for bringing dishonour to their family somehow.

Anyway, back to that hideous newspaper report that set everyone off, causing them to spill their soy low fat decaf mocha lattes all over the paper.

So what was it that set the Twitterosphere into a frenzy about this rather innocuous anecdote about Brill’s celebrated life? I think the PWAF sums it all up pretty well..

The issue is, so what if the obit began with a testimony – by the woman’s son, no less – to her cooking skills and her excellence as a mother?

If I were to be farewelled by the Times, I’d be flattered if my scallops or short ribs got a mention.

And opening any profile piece with a bit of colour is a time-honoured technique: Yeah, sure, she built rockets, but quirky details like a good stroganoff are what humanises a subject.

So as PandoDaily and PWAF note, using the simple and time honoured literary technique that seeks to make a high achiever more human in order to make the reader more connected with the subject is something that the people polluting Twitter with their feelings and observations on the world either dont appreciate or, perhaps more likely, even understand.

First World Problem? Not on your life mister (oops, don’t mean to oppress anyone with this throwaway idiom). This is SERIOUS, man (Damn, I did it again).

But is it everyone on Twitter that raised hell in the name of the dearly departed? Um no.. it seemed it was just the POOs again, doing what they do best. Being OUTRAGED! You know the Perpetually Offended and Outraged and their gaggle of Post Modern Feminists that we all encounter in today’s world.

hipsterdadNow POOs and PMFs aren’t necessarily post-modern women railing at the oppression they face everyday at the hands of the patriarchal hegenomy that is Western Civilisation, no way that would be stereotyping women (and we don’t do that here, we pick on everyone equally), they also include many, many men too.

You know the ones I mean, those try-ever-so-hard, hipster, metrosexual fellas who reject the oppressive nature of the hetronormative patriarchal establishment, whatever the hell that is, and more than likely detest the fact that unfortunately they were born with a penis and as a result are thereby denied victimhood.

In a lovely segway (Yes, that’s a good one if I do say so myself), let’s go back to The Prick with a Fork, for he elegantly sums up exactly who these POO PMTs are…

And by “feminists”, I don’t mean the vast majority of nice and normal people who believe that men and women should treat (and pay) each other equally and with dignity but who also don’t fly into a paroxysm of rage when a fella holds a door for a dame. Or uses the word “dame”, for that matter.

Rather, I mean political feminists, those overgrown undergraduates for whom life is a constant search for something against which to take offense.

Seriously, what has happened to these people that they feel so aggrieved about pretty much anything and everything that they encounter in their daily stumble through life?

I’m blaming not only Puer aeternus, otherwise known as the Peter Pan syndrome, but also our society’s infatuation with everyone expressing their feelings ad nauseum and ad infinitum.

I would think that there are a great many of you who may well agree with me that because of this infatuation with feelings, society has morphed into being populated a big bunch of sooky la-la’s that cant get through their day without proclaiming their feelings to EVERYONE else on the planet about EVERYTHING in life and how their resultant lack of control of their own internal emotions thereby renders them incapable of functioning until their delicate feelings have been soothed by the soft cooing of their own POOey peers and whatever has offended them is removed from their lives.

So you don’t like the fact that a son loved his mother’s attention and beef strogonoff?

Stiff. She wasn’t your mother so get over it and get a life. There are much more important things to concern yourself with, like you know, your own life.

But at the end of the day, it does raise the question…

What was the world’s evil misygonistic mastermind, Tony Abbott’s role in all of this?



Before anyone calls me a bloody hypocrite…

Yes, I realise that I too am expressing my feelings here with you today on this subject.

But the big difference between the POOs of our world and I, is that I don’t expect the world to change just because of the way I feel.

Things upset me all the time, but no one seems to care about my feelings and nor should they really. So go ahead, flop on the floor and chuck a tanty, I couldn’t give a rat’s posterior.

You don’t like my opinion? Good, I don’t care much for some people’s opinions either, but I respect that just like everyone has a you-know-what, everyone also has an opinion and you’re allowed to express that.

Just don’t expect me to change everything because of what you think is right or wrong in the world because in the Razor’s world no one really cares what you feel or think or do in life, so just get on with it already. – Dacka