So we all know who pulls the strings and holds control over Australia’s poor excuse for a Federal government.

It’s the Unions! Oh hang on… no, not them this time.

It’s the Greens! Oh wait… it’s not them either, this time.

It’s the ¡Three Amigos! Ole!

If you ever wanted proof that the are rewards a plenty for supporting Julia Gillard’s shambolic minority government from here until eternity, no matter how unstable or how uncertain things get, all you have to do is look no further than the largesse that the three “independents” have had showered down on their electorates.

The Three Amigos, who hold the balance of power in the House of Representatives, apparently have the best interests of their constituents at heart, which is rather noble.

I would suggest that their rather large pay packets (did someone say Fabulous, darlinks?) and superannuation allowances that their continued support guarantees might also come into play, but that’s taking a rather cynical view of things.

What? Me being cynical? Never. Pfft.

While their electorates are reportedly rather upset with each and every one of them for turning their backs on the rather conservative nature of their electorates to support the most Far Left Prime Minister ever seen in Australian politics, our Three Amigos profess to be revelling in the beautiful ugliness of minority government as the sun shines in through the windows of Australia’s infamous 43rd Parliament.

While it is commendable for local members to get as much as they can for their electorates, what about looking after the best interests of the rest of us that didn’t vote for them or Labor for that matter?

The Herald Sun has a very interesting report (accompanied by very pretty graphics) that explains in grisly detail just what Three Amigo’s is worth to each of their electorates. It makes for very interesting reading and it comes as no surprise that this is the price the rest of Australia pays for the independent’s pound of flesh.

This is nothing more than blatant pork barrelling and when everything’s done and dusted after the next election I dont think many Australian’s will ever vote “independent” ever again.

I wonder what the locals will think and feel a few years down the track when they are using all these fantastic resources as the rest of the county struggles to understand… how did we ever let it come to this?

These three “men” are responsible for the most naked case of self interest and aggrandisement that Australians have witnessed in our short political history.

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