When Julia Gillard decided to knife Kevin Rudd in the back in 2010, our new Prime Minister said that “a good government had lost its way” and that with her now at the helm she would help right the good ship HMAS Australia and get us back on an even keel.

When launching herself onto the Australian people, Julia Gillard made three promises to us all:

  1. No carbon tax under her government
  2. Fix the mining tax
  3. Stop the boats

Well we know how well the first two have gone, but it was the last of her three promises that I want to discuss today. In 2010 our new Prime Minister gave us this solemn promise:

I will stop them coming. I will wreck the people smuggling trade by removing the incentive for boats to leave their ports of origin in the first place

It was the news yesterday in the Sydney Morning Herald that eleven people smuggling boats had made the trip to Christmas Island since last Friday that really rammed home the fact that whilst Labor was busy lint picking during it’s latest bout of navel gazing and internal bickering, the people smugglers in Indonesia were ramping up operations ahead of the end of the monsoon season.

All up, 3028 passengers have arrived in Australia seeking asylum this year despite high seas and winds, compared with just 1302 in the three months to April last year.

If the trend continues, more than 35,000 asylum seekers can be expected to arrive in Australia this year, more than double the record intake of last year.

Not only are there more boats coming at a quicker rate than we have experienced before, there have been reports of yet another leaky illegal people smugglers boat capsizing and even worse… more people may have died trying to make the treachorous journey to Christmas Island, lured by the soft touch of the Labor government policy

Meanwhile, a people smuggler source in Indonesia said on Wednesday that an asylum seeker vessel with 128 people on board has gone missing after setting out seven days ago from Indonesia, bound for Australia. The source said the missing boat was loaded with refugees from the Pakistani city of Parachinar near the border with Afghanistan.

records_thumbLabor’s record of failure in dealing with this very important policy issues is extremely clear and is one that should make “progressive” supporters really question if Labor’s changes to the Howard government’s Pacific Solution is indeed more compassionate.

Indeed the only people being helped in this despicable scenario are the people smugglers who pocket up to $300,000 in clear profit from arranging a large boat, and are able to operate only with the help of corrupt officials and other service providers in Indonesia.

Here are the indisputable facts of the Labor record on boat people:

•         600 boats carrying over 35,000 people
•         Record populations in immigration detention
•         Riots, protests and unrest in detention centres
•         Tens of thousands of people dumped into the community without security checks
•         $6.6 billion in budget blowouts and growing

siev_main-420x0Aside from the obvious the misery and death that Labor’s policies have brought people by luring them to their deaths on the high seas, think about how much government money is tied up in administering their reckless policy.

For those of us crying out for education reforms and disability insurance, yet are advocating more taxes to provide for these wonderfully utopian ideals, there’s your Gonski funds. It’s insane.

Australia already takes enough refugees via our humanitarian intake, and that should not change.  But what should change is that people trying to come to Australia via boat should discouraged in the strongest terms possible, just as they were under John Howard.

Even convicted people smuggler Sayed Abbas admits that Howard had it right and that stopping the boats is a relatively easy solution, if you have the mettle.

“The Australian government can stop (the boats) like before when John Howard was there, if they were more serious, they could stop. It’s very easy.”

When are people going to wake up and realise that Australia did have the policy right before Labor and The Greens decided to be “more compassionate“.

We did stop the boats and in turn prevented hundreds of illegal immigrants from drowning at sea.  We also we didnt have thousands of people in detention around Australia.

Under Labor the exact opposite is true.

It’s about time we shipped them out.


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