I love reading Tim Blair’s blog at the The Daily Telegraph.

Whilst he doesn’t get the same level of traffic as Andrew Bolt, his irreverent take on Australian politics via an extremely cutting tongue surely sees him as the “hate media’s” number one blogger.

Aside from the fact that he rather dislikes Da Greens and their fruity policies with a passion, I like him mainly because of his quite openly sarcastic and acerbic wit.  To put it mildly, you wouldnt want to be on the receiving end of one of his posts.


The latest topic on Tim’s unique blog has been a follow up to the latest edition of The Monthly, which featured Julia Gillard, Penny Wong and Tanya Plibersek as the the XX Factor in Australian politics.  The Ministry of Sister seemingly doing it for themselves as the song goes.

Most people would probably know them better as part of Julia Gillard’s Handbag Hit Squad that routinely queried the role that Tony Abbott’s misogyny had played in all manner of things, regardless of the fact that he is happily married, has three loving daughters and has several strong and capable women supporting and advising him in politics.

But as we’ve seen repeatedly, truth is not a large part of Labor’s political divisive strategy of the past 12 months.

What has particularly galled many people is the Prime Minister’s hypocrisy in relation to the charge of misogyny against the Leader of the Opposition.

Many failed to realise that Julia Gillard’s now infamous speech was in fact in the defence of a man who made many sexually inappropriate comments about the nature of women and their genitalia, the now disgraced former Speaker of the House Peter Slipper.  That was hypocrisy example number one.

Hypocrisy example number two example happened recently when the Prime Minister hosted the one and only Kyle Sandilands, a man who has been openly and rightly vilified by a whole range of feminists and ordinary citizens for his attitude towards women.  This is the bloke who has asked 14 year girls about their sexual experiences on air, referred to female journalists as “fat slags” and bemoaned the fact that a female presenter didn’t have “the titties” to adequately fill out her blouse.

So when the Prime Minister, in all her wisdom, decided to host Kyle as the Easter Bunny at Kirribilli House as part of a charity fundraiser there were howls of protest form many commentators.

julia-gillard-kyle-sandilandsTo make things worse, Julia Gillard took a happy snap while she cuddled up to Sandilands and tweeted it to her merry band of followers on Twitter.

Again, people openly questioned the judgement of the Prime Minister and wondered if she still planned to call misogyny out whenever she saw it as she roared in Parliament that day when she smeared the Leader of the Opposition as a woman hater.

I guess Big Kyle’s controversial history of denigrating women is something that the Prime Minister is totally unaware of.

Anyway, back to Tim Blair and his funny blog.

To mark the momentous occasion of Big Misogynist Kyle hanging out with our tough Prime Minister, Mr Blair asked his readers to combine The Monthly’s cover with Ms Gillard’s happy snap to illustrate quite clearly the nature of her hypocrisy.

The results are extremely funny and quite scathing towards the Prime Minister and Big Misogynist Kyle.  The pick of the bunch are shown below.

Seriously, the hypocrisy of our Prime Minister has been laid bare, there for all us to see.

It amazes me that people take her words seriously and think that she is the best person to lead this country.  But I suppose that rusted on supporters are just that;  Rusted on forever and only separable after a good long hard soak in vat of WD40.

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