imagesHave you ever had someone that you dont know come to your blog and instantly like your recent posts?

Initially you think “Wow, someone other than my friends has found my blog.  And how cool is it that they actually like what I had to say? That’s soooo cool!”

Here at WordPress you get an email alerting you that someone has liked your posts and in the email it also suggests that you check out their blog as a way of reciprocating traffic, as well as expanding your reading habits.

Heck, you might actually find someone who thinks similarly to you or has something unique to say on a topic that interests you.  That’s what the WordPress Reader does, so I always made sure to click on anyone who liked my posts because I know how cool it feels when you see your traffic rise.  Everyone likes to be popular and having a popular blog is one of the alluring factors of starting one up in the first place; that people want to listen to your thoughts.

However, what I have found particularly in the past few days is that multi layer marketers are using blogs to try and reach people to convince them to join up to the schemes.  Multi Layer Marketing (MLM) sounds pretty cool right? NO.  It is just another iteration of pyramid selling.

These people like your blog, you receive the notice from WordPress, you click on the links in the notice to their blog and when you get to their blog there is a pretty naked hard sell to convince you that they earn massive amounts of money just by blogging online.

scam2There are countless photos of them skiing in the mountains, swimming in the sea or sunning themselves on the beach in very exotic locales. They tell you that you too can make money just from blogging and they will tell you all about it if you sign up to their newsletter.

I was wary from the get go, but I thought I’ll play along and see what these guys are up to.

I got sent a link to a video that talked about how awful it was to have no money, how they did it all for their families, how they managed to turn it around and make massive sums of money and now lived in a mansion on the beach.  That all sounds pretty cool.  No one likes not having money and everyone dreams of making it big time, earning heaps of money.

But they never tell you what they are selling, only promise rivers of gold and all you have to do is pay $25 and they will tell you everything that you need to know.

If someone is trying to get you to part with your hard earned quickly without telling you what it is that they are selling, then your scam alert sensors should be going flat out!

Beware fellow bloggers, dont get sucked into paying or giving your credit card details without a clear indication of what it is that you are getting for your money.

Golden rule of the internet: If it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is.


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