I’m going to hazard a guess and say that you’re probably reading this post on something other than a computer or laptop.  Most likely you’re reading this post either on your smartphone or on some  type of tablet.

If this is true then the following info-graphic and associated article on the post PC revolution from is not going to tell you anything that you don’t already know.

But what it might give you is an idea of how much has changed since the first smartphone popped up in our lives.  These devices has dramatically changed our lives in quite a short time.

I believe what this change shows is just how fast technology has improved compared to previous technological shifts or paradigms, as well as dramatic change in corresponding human behaviour.

The level of connectivity that is in our lives now is truly phenomenal, with some things that just a few years ago seemed to be almost in the realm of science fiction now becoming everyday occurrences. But what about tomorrow’s sci-fi concepts?

The incredibly fast penetration and integration of technology with our day to day lives will only become more and more intense as we continue to charge through the information age, towards what eminent  futurist Ray Kurzweil describes as the Singularity.

In the movie and his book Towards the SingularityKurzweil argues that accelerating technology has the potential to totally transform human kind.

If youre interested in what the future potentially holds for us, check out Kurzweil’s work at Accelerating Intelligence and prepare to have your mind blown!