taxesYesterday I read the most astounding article in The Australian – End low-tax virility contest by Patricia Karvelas.

I must warn you though, once again it is behind Evil Rupert’s Evil Paywall, so unless you have already coughed up some dough for your news you probably wouldn’t have heard it reported in the rest of the mainstream media.

And no wonder when you hear what Sen. Doug Cameron was talking about yesterday.

In true Labor fashion, Cameron was spouting on about how the Labor Party should…. wait for it… raise even more taxes to pay for Labors wonderful social welfare initiatives, which are currently unfunded because they have already wasted over $300 billion in less than seven years and the country’s piggy bank is empty.

So much for Rudd’s fiscal conservatism.

Let’s see what Big Spending Doug has to say for himself and the Labor Party that he represents so wonderfully.

Senator Cameron has challenged his party’s leadership to increase tax on super contributions for high-income earners, crack down on trusts, raise the mining tax and introduce other taxes to pay for social welfare initiatives.

“A mere 0.7 per cent increase in the ratio . . . would raise sufficient for us to realise our aspirations to be a good society.”

Senator Cameron said even if Labor did increase taxes, Australia would still be the fifth-lowest taxing country in the OECD.

Regardless of where we stand in comparison to other countries, I would hazard a guess that most Australians probably think that they already pay enough taxes. I know my wife and I do,  almost 40 cents in the dollar to be exact. Anyone who says they are happy to pay more taxes obviously has too much money to care about losing more of it to the tax man.

And when he says “our aspirations” is he talking about all of us, or an ever shrinking band of unionists and green tinged lefties who represent no one but themselves?

Let’s get this straight, my wife and I are not “rich” by any stretch of the imagination and we certainly don’t qualify for any of the government largesse that seems to be readily available for some other people  in our society. But we struggle just as much as the next “working family” to get what we want in our lives.

  • We drive a 15 year old car, a hand me down from my folks that is so clapped out we call it the Old Grey Ghost.
  • We struggled and went without to save up our money to buy a block of land
  • We then struggled some more to save up to build the house on that land, all the while we were paying rent as well.
  • We struggled and went without to save up our money to pay for our own wedding.
  • We struggled and went without to save up our money to have our baby.
  • And currently we are struggling and going without to just put food on the table while I look for a new full time job after leaving my last job, which was driving me insane.

But now that we are temporarily on only one wage there is no government assistance for us because apparently my wife earns too much.  Could of fooled me, because we never seem to have any money after we pay all our bills and meet all of our financial commitments.  We don’t depend on anyone else but ourselves to look after the things that we want in our lives.

  • No unemployment benefits to help bridge the gap in the short term, despite being both of us being net contributors to the support of others for over 15 years.
  • No rent assistance for us either, despite having a $400,000 mortgage that always has to be paid otherwise the bank will foreclose on our dreams.
  • No family assistance to help pay all the myriad of doctors bills and medical tests that go with trying to have a baby.

Now, I dont necessarily want any government handouts because I think the sense of entitlement that many Australians have is extremely unrealistic and extremely unsustainable, especially so given that we have a rapidly ageing population as well as importing another cohort of intergenerational welfare recipients into this country, whilst demonising productive workers who actually contribute to our society in a meaningful way.

Heck, we take responsibility for our own lives to the point that I am even doing night time work as a bloody carpet cleaner to make ends meet while I look for “proper” work and undertake further study/training to further up skill myself and make myself even more suitable for full time work.

I’ve found out in recent weeks that there are so many jobs out there that many Australians consider “below” them, hard low paying jobs that are done increasingly by people who have only just arrived  to our country legally or are just travelling through because they all actually understand first hand that there is no such thing as a free lunch… unless you qualify somehow for a handout from the ever increasing welfare state here in Australia.

And Labor want to slug us tax payers again to pay for their wonderfully utopian ideas for a “fairer” Australia?

Tell me what’s fair about taking money from someone who has earned it from the sweat of their own brow and giving it to someone whose only sweat is from sitting down for so long that they dont even know what work is anymore?

What’s fair about being a taxpayer  for 15 years and contributing to the welfare of others but not receiving any support when you actually need it to get back into the game?

The never ending Age of Entitlement and the assumption that someone else has to pay for things you want has to end.

If you want something, then you have to work for it, not take it from someone else who has.