Prime Minister Julia Gillard has today shown once again that the ALP just doesn’t understand the mood of the electorate towards it’s shambolic approach to both policy and leadership.

JULIA Gillard and her senior ministers have laid the blame for today’s disastrous Newspoll result at the feet of Kevin Rudd’s supporters, saying voters were appalled by the self-indulgence of last week’s aborted leadership push.

The ALP’s “eat its own” mentality towards those that don’t toe the line is infamous in Australian politics and has been on show several times in the last few years.

Shifting the blame to Kevin Rudd and his supporters does nothing but enhance the feeling in the electorate that everything that goes wrong is always someone else’s fault.

At least Bob Carr, of all people, recognises that the disastrous Newpoll result is entirely of the ALP’s own making.

“They are being driven into the Liberal camp and into Abbott’s column by Labor’s behaviour,” he told Sky News from New York.

It’s either the Media’s, Tony Abbott’s or Kevin Rudd’s fault.. never the fault of Julia Gillard and her team.  There’s always an excuse for their repeated failures.

Please just call an election Ms Gillard and let us set you and your team straight, once and for all.