black5_1In todays crazy hyper-sensitive world where the slightest deviation away from the accepted orthodoxy of racial self identification can see you howled down as a raving redneck racist, it is quite refreshing to hear a new and (dare I say it) authentic voice to counter the cacophony of self-interest and self-promotion.

You see The Black Steam Train is the blog of a man who is proud to call himself Australian.

A man who has the strength of his convictions to stand up and make sensible arguments about one of the most contentions issues that we face in modern Australia today – Racial self identification.

The fact that most of us are not allowed to say, or even admit to thinking for that matter, exactly what The Black Steam Train talks about on his blog is indeed a sleight on how far off the track we have been taken by certain groups in modern day Australia.

The Black Steam Train’s latest post , Success – we like it white addresses an extremely important topic that goes straight to the heart of addressing racial disadvantage in Australia and how we as a society and indeed as a nation should be trying to help break the vicious cycle of racism, disadvantage and poverty by helping and assisting truly disadvantaged people in our community better themselves through education and meaningful employment.

I would wholeheartedly recommend that you spend some time reading Black Steam Train’s blog, or even better yet follow his blog because he sheds a unqiue light on a wide variety of topics from adoption, racism, nepotism and cronyism, and hypocrisy of the media from his very much lived experience as an Australian struggling against all of those ills.

A brave man who puts a lot of what we profess to care about into perspective, and all in a form that indicates that he has a very unique and talented mind.