DEV0026TE30-faceEvery Time You Eat a Burger, a Nutcase Shoots Up a School is an excellent post from the ever entertaining Prick with a Fork. (H/T Tim Blair)

Dear old Mr Prick gives a good old fashioned fisking in his post to one of the more ridiculous articles that you will ever read on the internet at Fairfax’s The Daily Life.  

The oh-so-offending article is by one Alecia Simmonds and is entitled The sexual politics of meat, which sounds pretty deep in a new age, uber-vegan, hipster kind of way.

Unfortunately, the article is so full of half baked, pseudo Freudian ideas and twisted leaps of logic that half way through reading, I noticed that it had given me a pinched, screwed up face type of feeling – very much like the faces on those poor blokes in the new milk drink ads warning against soy after taste face.

Seriously, the cods waddle that is served up by yet another of the P.O.O (Perpetually Offended and Outraged) brigade from the inner city hipster elite is just so mind numbingly feeble and ridiculous that it almost defies belief that there are people in the world that actually think that it is even close to a realistic summation of what eating meat means, if it that means anything at all other than you are hungry and like a good bit of steak.

Eating meat is associated with male power in its most vile and repugnant forms.

In a logic that sounds positively mystical, real men, we are told, should be physically strong and virile, which means killing and eating strong animals.

This is why cookbooks aimed at men focus on the barbecue. Anything less might turn them into gay homosexual fops. For instance, the Newtown killer used a rifle manufactured by a company called Bushmaster.

Upon purchase, Bushmaster offers you a “man card” that is revoked if you’re caught, among other things, “eating tofu”. Why? Because real men eat meat. Sissies do not.

In rejecting meat, feminists – both women and men – are rejecting a potent symbol of patriarchal power.

I kid you not, someone paid for that article and it has been recommended via Facebook over 200 times!  

Does being a vegetarian mean that you are naturally a non-violent person?  Not according to history that’s for sure.  Some of the world’s most unhinged sociopaths and mass murderers were vegetarians.

What is it that is wrong with these P.O.O’s who currently infest Twitter, the mummy blogosphere and other parts of the Australian media who scream blue bloody murder every time something, indeed anything offends their ever so delicate sensibilities?

While I respect Ms Simmonds’ right to think and write whatever she likes, does she (am I allowed to say she?) and others like her really understand what true misogyny and oppression is?

Perhaps Ms Simmonds could spend some time in London with Malala Yousafzai, the young Pakistani girl who was shot in the head for attempting to go to school and explain just how hard it is living as a woman in the obviously hideous patriarchal and totally misogynist society that apparently is modern Australia.

Just keep Ms Simmonds’ thoughts in mind next time you bite into a snag at the family BBQ.