knivesmanOh no, looks like things are spiralling out of control for the ALP following several disastrous weeks prior Parliament returning this week.

All of this is no longer coming from the “hate media” but instead from Fairfax journalists like Peter Hartcher, who normally have very strong ties and connections to Labor insiders who are “in the know“.

Has Labor mistakenly woken up sections of the Australian media with its recent proposed media regulation bills?

Labor MP’s now collectively sound like a football president coming out strong to support an embattled coach, who then unceremoniously sack said coach the following day.

Much like when Labor MP’s openly supported former PM Kevni Rudd in 2010, only to line up and denounce him repeatedly in public in a manner like the Australian public has never seen before after Julia Gillard knifed him in the back.

With mates like these, who needs enemies?

All Tony Abbott has to do is sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy watching Labor tear itself apart… again.