halt_trans_wideweb__470x323,0If you’re a long suffering Melbournian or Sydney-sider who crams onto public transport or battles through the snarls of grid locked traffic everyday to get to work, then this mornings news about our immigration intake should shock you out of your early morning stupor.

Australia receives over 1000 new arrivals EVERY DAY.

While I will not decry the need for immigration for Australia to continue to grow, we seriously need to think about the rate and manner that we allow people to come to Australia.

Immigration needs to slow down until our bursting amenities and ageing infrastructure can catch up.  Crowded trains, gridlocked traffic, rising unemployment and a slowing economy are real problems for every Australian, new or old.

More importantly we need to think about who we allow into our great country; they need to be people who want to assimilate with the rest of us and live by the existing laws of this country.

This is not to say we dont or wont tolerate new and different cultures into Australia or not change laws as we need, but it does mean we need to seriously put the people who are here already first and be able to provide a safe and meaningful existence for all Australians, no matter their background.

Australia has been historically built by successive waves of migrants, but I think things need to slow down until we can satisfactorily look after ourselves and our own disadvantaged such as the homeless and unemployed first before we start to help others.