868313-faceless-menThe faceless men of the ALP.

No one really knows who these power brokers and back room dealers are, but they certainly have a lot of say in how Labor works.

But the current situation of faceless men deciding what the voting public really should isn’t something new for Left in Australian politics.

In fact it was the same kind of deal way back when Arthur Calwell was leader of the ALP back in the early 1960’s.

For those who are unfamiliar with Mr Arthur Calwell, he was a was a powerful unionist before he entered Parliament and a staunch supporter of the White Australia Policy before Gough Whitlam ousted him from the ALP leadership.

Some of that sounds pretty damn familiar doesn’t it?

Perhaps this is where Julia Gillard is getting her inspiration for her recent demonisation of productive 457 visa holders and promising to “put Australian jobs first and foreigners to the back of the queue“.

Hmmm… seems like Australian’s havent really learnt much in the past 50 years, have we?

Original Faceless men poster


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