Yesterday in an often fiery question time Julia Gillard not only promised that she would win the next election, but in her unmistakably combative and vituperative style she also described herself as a “strong feisty woman” before smearing the Leader of the Opposition as a “policy weak man“.

How a PM can get away with such naked sexist gibes is beyond me, but it obviously appeals to some ALP focus group or the down trodden and brutally oppressed mummy bloggers on Sydney’s North Shore.

Our illustrious PM also managed to slip in another snide remark about “mysognist Tony“, which Christopher Pyne angrily demanded be withdrawn.  Let’s go to the tape…

Let’s check out other words that the PM’s favourite dictionary and thesaurus, the Merriam-Webster, gives us for “feisty”.  Hmmmmm… oh dear, that sounds about right.  Another own goal by our loving, caring PM.

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