While I live in Melbourne, the continuing stories that come out of Sydney about drive by shootings, gang rapes and bloody violence sends shivers down my spine about the direction that our country is heading.

Being the member of an immigrant family who desperately wanted to leave the troubles of their native homeland behind them and integrate fully into the Australian way of life that attracted my grandparents to Australia after World War II in the first place, it is almost beyond belief that people now coming to Australia don’t seem to want to do the same.

I realise that our multicultural society changes as time moves forward and more people from diverse walks of life come to our great country, but this story from a former resident of Greenacre in Western Sydney should start to ring alarm bells for many Australians.

If people dont want to fit into the fabled “Australian” way of life and societal mores that the vast majority of Australians live their lives by, why do these people bother coming here?

We have so many great cultures here in Australia that all contribute to the “Australian” way of life. European, Indian, African, Asian and Middle Eastern.  But it is an extremely small, yet incredibly vocal and increasingly visible minority that give all immigrants a bad reputation by their increasingly anti-social behaviour.

We will give you a fair go, but please leave your ethnic greiveances at the door as you come into this great country.  That’s what my family did 50 years ago and we have never looked back.