335966-mark-knightIf it wasn’t so scary it would be funny…

Not content with pinching not only inactive super accounts and super accounts under $2000, which I discussed previously in Already banking on your retirement, the Federal Government has now announced that it’s got it’s eyes on people’s inactive bank accounts in order to bolster the budget’s rapidly collapsing bottom line.

A recent post on Catallaxy Files shows the real budget receipts and it’s not pretty.  We are staring a deficit of somewhere between $10 and $20 billion dollars.  Bit of a change from that $1 billion surplus they told us about over 200 times, isn’t it?

Anyway, back to the Sheriff of Canberra-ham.

As the Herald Sun reports, your inactive bank accounts are now able to be rolled into consolidated revenue so that the Government can go on a massive spend-a-thon to persuade voters to keep them in power, despite running the good ship Australia well and truly onto the rocks.

However, I think it is tricks like these that are sticking in the craw of everyday voters, and you dont have to be a card carrying Tory to think that this is just not on.

It’s our money Wayne, so get your greedy little mitts off it!