internet-marketing-strategy-traffic1A Facebook friend posted this (H/T – Shelley Barnes) and I was intrigued by what potentially Zuckerburg and Gates were saying about learning.  If these guys learnt it, I wanna too…

I remember coming out of the theatre after watching The Social Network and wanting to just code my butt off and create!  I was so stoked about the potential that the online world can present us, as individuals, as a people and as a planet.  The possibilities are completely infinite.

If you have a child, get them into computing as soon as possible.  Have you seen a child use an iPad? Amazing but not surprising, since the intuitiveness of most online products are designed to be just that way.  Steve Jobs once said making something simple is hard to do, but they do it everyday.

But don’t be afraid of technology.  Embrace it, use it teach yourself and then to also solve any problem you run into along the way.  I use a learning service called Learnable, which is a great course based site.  It helps you learn anything from the basics to the most complicated topics.  But you have to drive yourself, just like all of those great people in the video below.

Most importantly, in the words of legendary Hawthorn coach John Kennedy Snr – “Don’t Think, Do.