tumblr_lnmg0uMS441qk5t4nWhilst Nicola Roxon is no longer going to contest the next Federal election on September 14th 2013, the proposed changes to the Anti-Discrimination Bill that she put forward are still to be debated in Parliament.

The Senate Committee will Report on Monday the 18th of February. It is VITAL that every Australian demands that this bill be rejected in its entirety.

If we dont reject completely their proposed changes then there is still a chance that the government and it’s sniveling partners in totalitarianism, the Greens Party, may still try to reverse over 600 years of legal precedent and not not only reverse the onus of proof but also introduce laws that make it illegal to ridicule the ridiculous and offend the easily offendable. (H/T Tim Mathieson)

This brief, yet incredibly funny (if it wasn’t so serious) advert shows just how pathetic and down right dangerous these proposed changes to our laws are to our freedom.

As it mentions, once in you will never be able to wind these laws back.  Nation wide victim hood is only a short hop, skip and offend away.

The flick is brought to you by the Free Speech Australia, where you can also add your name to the many thousands of Australian’s who are disgusted with the advance of totalitarianism in Australia under the guise of political correctness. I have added my voice to the many other Australian’s who are willing to take a stand and say:


Will you join the fight against totalitarianism, or will you meekly roll over and let them trample on one of the fundamental cornerstones of a healthy democracy?