treehuggerHippies.  Tree huggers.  Environmentalists. Call them what you will.  With rare exception, I generally call them w@nkers.

Having spent a number of years in Tasmania, both at Uni and working for the State Government in Economic Development, I came across a wide variety of greenies.

Heck, I even counted several more, how do I say this delicately, fervent believers of the green faith as my mates.

I used to trek into the Tassie wilderness with my mates, enjoying the amazing flora and fauna.

I respect that there does need to be a place that is reserved as close to nature as possible, but I also acknowledge that a population needs an economy to live upon.  You cannot run a million dollar economy on Huon Pine carvings, bratwurst sausages and mime artists in Salamanca Place – as nice as the bratwurst was.

bratieBut never in all my years of living have I witnessed something so bizarre as what I am about to share with you.  It is the raving left of the lunatic green fringe.

A bunch of misanthropes who hate our society with such a verment passion but all the while not appreciating the ultimate irony that their pathetic lives represent.  They are steadfast anti-humanists, all the while being… well, human.

Check out the deranged rantings of a bunch of no hopers, and ne’er do wells as they prostrate themselves at the alter of their religion…. a fallen tree.  Watch and be astounded that there are people out there in the world that think just like these people you are about to see.  Some people like these actually hold positions of power and influence in our society.

Well not exactly like them, for the people wielding the power actually have jobs and money – which makes them much, much bigger hypocrites.  Much like Graeme Wood, founder of Wotif – a mega millionaire who made his money selling holidays, flights and accommodation online, and Australia’s largest political sponsor with his $1 million donation to the Australian Greens party.  Like I said, massive hypocrites who preach do as I say policies, not do as I do as they jet around the world to save the planet.

Anyway, check out these “enlightened” beings wail for the loss of a single tree in a forest cluttered with them… and think about what is more important to Australia in today’s economic climate.

Trees or people’s prosperity and liberty.