SpamAs the current Federal government lurches from one diaster to the next, the rest of us are waiting patiently for Clean Up Australia Day to roll around again.

Previously this was held in January, but now it will be held on 14 September which is coincidently also the date of the Federal Election.

Of course in the lead up to any election there will be a flood of communications from both parties extolling the virtues of their respective candidates, as well as damning the credentials of their opponents.  This is quite common practice in politics.

But what is not common place is for this type of propaganda to be sent to people’s email addresses unsolicited.  All email communications in Australia MUST indicate where the sender obtained your email address.  This is part of the Spam Act (2003) and if it is not adhered to then companies can be liable for multiple financial penalties, which can be quite large.

Buying lists of email addresses  is something that only the most desperate of organisations do, as such online actions can stir quite a heated response from unhappy people who feel that you have invaded their personal space with messages that they wouldn’t normally even look at, let alone volunteer to read.

So who would do such thing you ask?

Well, it would be Australian politics most mendacious politician Greg Combet.  Yep, you know the one.  The one that has those wild eyes glistening behind those horn rimmed glasses.  Such eyes normally betray someone who has a fervent belief that carbon dioxide is comparable to carbon and that the only way to save the world is to tax something that actually makes plants grow.

combet2Greg Combet’s office sent thousands of Australian’s an email that basically echoes Obama’s factually incoherent State of the Union address, as well as begging for your money to support their cause of installing a carbon tax.  At the end of the email good old crazy eyes warns that unless receivers send $10 or whatever the can afford then Australia will fall behind the rest of the world in “pricing carbon”.

The clarion call to all recipients is that they need your financial help to defend the carbon tax from Tony Abbott and the Liberals.  WOOP! WOOP! WOOP! IT’s another attack of the dreaded AbbottAbbottAbbott monster!!

So lets get this straight:

  • They promise no carbon tax under the government that Julia Gillard leads – but instead she sells her soul to the radical green fringe and thumbs her nose at the Australian electorate in her slavish desire to be PM.
  • Wayne Swan describes Liberal warnings that they will install a carbon tax as “hysterical” – but does it anyway, obviously learning from Peter “Pink Batts are Burning” Garrett who once said that once your in office you can just do what you like.
  • They set the carbon “price” (or tax as confessed by Julia Gillard after the 2010 election) at a ridiculous price in comparison with the rest of the world – $23 p/t compared to EU $9 p/t
  • They splash an obscene amount of money to promote the virtues of taxing the air we breathe – some $38million worth of Cate Blanchett and that bloke from the Castle to tell us just how evil carbon dioxide is
  • They then proceed to “compensate” people, but mind only those earning under $50K because it’s fair that everyone else subsidise the new 50″ plasma TV that Ma and Pa Welfare just bought with the cash they received to pay for the bills


Now they are rattling the tins around for chump change in order to “defend” the carbon “price” from it’s detractors, which is pretty much everyone who doesn’t wear a mohair skivvy, or Che Guevara t-shirt, and understands basic market economics.  No, not that stupid Keynesian type economics but the real stuff like Austrian school economics.  This government really knows no shame, for it has no scruples or morals.

As Gerald Henderson of Media Watch Dog is oft to ask, can you bear it?


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