It’s so disturbing to see people act like lynch mobs whenever they hear or see something that they don’t agree with.

It doesn’t seem enough for some people to be able to voice their concerns or objections to other people’s opinions. They want to silence them. Take them off air. Destroy them. It is so hypocritical.

In yesterday’s Australian there was an article by Ross Fitzgerald where he sees the mob mentality happening in modern Australia, particularly online.

The war against “unauthorised” dissent has also been taken up by a virulent social media whose aim is to silence those who oppose what is perceived as the correct political, racial, ethnic or social line.

The internet has in this sense become the 21st-century mob. A new Bastille is stormed almost daily in pursuit of some passing political or social passion that quite often involves the attempted extermination of what they regard as offensive speech or utterance.

One of the worst problems with a mob mentality is that most people don’t actually know the details of why they’re raging. They’re just raging because everyone else is raging.


It’s like a mental stampede charging a millions miles an hour across the network and everyone knows stampedes can be triggered, with cattle spooked into charging out of control just by the deft crack of a whip.

The problem here in Australia at the moment is that the cattle are as easily spooked as they are easily led, and the people cracking the whip above the ears are close to being sociopaths.